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Alo118.com Directory of Companies and Organizations is a publication of Eurasia Assistance and Support Services.

Avrasya Assistance
is an experienced company operating in the tourism sector for many years.

Alo118.com European Association of Directory Publishers and Databases (EADP) It is the only member accepted in Turkey. Thus, Alo118.com; It is recognized as a world-class guide with its infrastructure, design and content.

Alo118.com has become an important reference source in the business world with its website. We aim to be an online directory that will include all companies and organizations in Turkey. For now, 500 thousand companies and organizations are hosted in our database with detailed and up-to-date information.

It is completely free to be included in our database.

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Internet services such as domain name purchase, website hosting, e-mail in particular are provided by Atlas On-Line , our internet solution partner, one of the well-established companies in the sector. It provides a complete service to our corporate members with the 24/7 support line of Atlas On-Line.

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