Automotive Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Air Conditioning 12
Ambulance Of Services 63
Auto Electric 56
Auto Glass 22
Auto Rescue & Tow Truck 85
Auto Spare Parts 379
Auto Supply Industry 213
Auto Tracking Systems 5
Autogas Conversion 16
Autogas Systems 7
Automotive 5601
Bicycles And Motorcycles 378
Biodiesel 2
Bodywork Sub Industry 20
Canvas Awning And Tent 4
Car Accessories 1736
Car Contract Dealer 480
Car Contract Dealer 911
Car Of Spare Parts 3539
Car Repair Shop 2215
Coach Companies 980
Construction Machinery 12
Driving Schools 163
Filter İndustry 158
Fuel & Mineral Oils 126
Gasket Manufacturing And Sales 9
Guard And Security Services 1445
Hose 3
Liquid Fuels And Racking Plants 1622
Marine Engines 3
Navigation Systems 2
Oil 22
Personnel Transport 232
Rent A Car 778
Rubber And Plastics 858
Scrap Dealers 6
Service Garage 2297
Ship Equipment 447
Taxi 32
Tire 137
Traffic Consultancy & Consultanc 8
Traffic Signs & Signaling 4
Transport And Storage 2394
Vehicle Body Build 441
Window Films 4

Automotive Industry
Sector Introduction

The automotive industry, literally, is the industry that designs, develops, manufactures and markets motor vehicles. In short, the Automotive sector is an industry that produces Motor Vehicles. Automobile production constitutes approximately 70% of the total mass production of motor vehicles in the world, and it is accepted as the locomotive of the economy in industrialized countries. This ratio is also valid in Turkey.

Automobile manufacturing creates a strong sub-industry and gives a great support to the production of other vehicles.

Automotive industry; manufacturing factories, companies selling second hand cars or new cars, car rental companies, auto repair or repair, auto spare parts, online car sales, online sales of automotive spare parts, appraisal, traffic and motor insurance companies can be listed as business areas. .

The automotive sector uses products produced in the iron, petrochemical, aluminum, steel, glass, carpet, textile, plastic and rubber industries.