Chemical Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Adhesive Products & Adhesive Tapes 24
Biodiesel 1
Brush Manufacturing And Sales 1
Cathodic Corrosion Protection 82
Chemical İndustry And Chemical Materials 1557
Chemicals For Textile İndustry 57
Cleaning Products 87
Color, Varnish And Pigment Paints 1279
Consolidated Gas 273
Construction Chemicals 24
Cosmetics Industry 16
Fertilizer Industry 7
Food Additive Of Materials 118
Gas And Fire Warning Systems, Fire Alarm Equipment 390
Hygienic Products 3
Leather Chemistry İndustry 65
Medicine Companies 649
Paper And Pulp 6
Perfumery - Cosmetics 12
Plastic Industry 150
Plastic Manufacturing And Sales 55
Polyester And Fiberglass 33
Pools Accessories And Cleaning Agent 236
Purification Plants And Equipment 433
Rubber And Plastics 858
Sponge 1

Chemical Industry
Sector Introduction

Chemistry Sector mainly consists of facilities where various chemical raw materials such as petrochemistry, soap, detergent, fertilizer, medicine, paint-varnish, synthetic fiber, soda and consumption products are produced. There are companies operating in the sector that differ in terms of scale and capital resources. While a significant portion of these companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, there are also large-scale companies and multinational companies.

An important part of the raw materials used in the production of the Chemical Industry is met through imports. While approximately 70% of the raw materials used are imported, 30% is met by domestic production.