Construction & Building Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
(Natural Gas)installation Of Heating Plants (Supraregional) 95
Air Conditioning And Ventilation System 556
Air Conditioning And Ventilation System 2603
Aluminium Profile Processing 1040
Aluminum Industry 1175
Antenna Arrays For Satellite Reception, Satellite Aerials 191
Architecture And Engineer Office 2098
Bath & Tub 126
Building & Construction Inspection 41
Building Automation 106
Building Automation Systems 28
Building Enterprises 6098
Building Materials, General 2051
Canvas, Awnings (Marquees) And Tents 311
Carpet, Kelim 1471
Cartography 13
Cement Factories 12
Ceramic 12
Chimney And Barbeque 67
Color, Varnish And Pigment Paints 1279
Concrete And Reinforced Concrete 81
Construction Chemicals 96
Construction Chemicals 23
Construction Machines Spare Parts For Construction Machines 435
Cooperatives 10
Curtains And Systems 4
Decorate And İnterior Desing 3118
Double Glazing 6
Drilling 28
Electrical Connection 2895
Electrical Household Of Devices 1023
Elevator And Elvator Accessories 903
Excavation And Outline Companies 213
Folding Glass Systems 29
Forest Products Wood And Tree 2341
Gas And Fire Warning Systems, Fire Alarm Equipment 390
Glass And Mirrors 980
Guard And Security Services 161
Guard And Security Services 1445
Hardware 18
Hardware Products 1991
Hardware Stores 31
Home Textile 832
Horticulture And Landscape Gardening Services 291
Horticulture And Landscape Gardening Services 266
House Of Furniture 688
Household Appliances And Kitchen Utensils 2323
Illuminant 1038
Insulating Coverings For Walls And Floors 299
Insulation & Insulation 197
Interior Architecture 75
Isolate, Construction And Drillings 498
Kitchen 21
Locks And Closed Systems 218
Locksmith 58
Marble And Natural Stones 1233
Natural Gas Service And Equipments 564
Office Furniture 922
Pipes, Valves And Fittings 719
Plastic Frame For Windows And Doors 1288
Plumbing 690
Pools Accessories And Cleaning Agent 236
Precast Concrete Components 246
Pvc Of Systems 483
Real Estates Dealers And Brokers 1756
Restoration 26
Road Construction & Paving 34
Roof & Chimney 96
Sanitary Plumbings Accessories 688
Scaffolding 27
Screws And Nut 494
Seals Production And Trade 148
Soil Industry 15
Solar And Alternative Energy 127
Steel Construction 93
Steel Door 79
Swim Basins And Sauna 195
Treatment Plants And Equipment 21
White Goods Maintenance And Repair 9
Window Films 1
Windows And Doors 991
Wooden Building 16
Work Use Machines 945

Construction & Building Industry
Sector Introduction

Construction & Building Sector

All of the business lines that come together to create a building are within the scope of the Construction sector. It is the term used to define the working areas of all natural and legal persons who produce or provide services within the scope of this purpose. Building means any work or building built for a purpose. What are the construction sectors?

Construction The construction sector is generally divided into three main branches. Buildings.

Infrastructures and Industrial buildings

It primarily covers all kinds of building construction such as housing, school, factory, hospital, workplace, warehouse, all kinds of infrastructure activities such as road, bridge, dam construction, all hardware works such as electricity, water, sanitary installation, heating and ventilation.