Educational Institutions Sector

Subsector Number of Firms
Blueprint & Photocopy 9
Children Garden And Children Daily Places 126
Colleges 16
Computer Companies 2522
Computer Training Courses 112
Course For Foreign Languages 181
Dance And Ballet Courses 22
Driving Schools 163
Educational Tools And Equipment 76
Preparation Courses 117
Preparation Courses 1041
Private Schools 77
Rehabilition Center 4
Schools 890
Stationery And Book 27
Student Dormitories 35
Study Abroad 75
Training & Educational Institutions 295
Translation Of Services 450
Universities 36

Educational Institutions Sector
Sector Introduction

Educational Institutions Sector

Education is to strengthen a country's middle class.

a crucial role in the technological progress required

is playing. Turkey's innovation and knowledge-based

to survive in the new world,

value enhancement, innovation and R&D

industrial structure and subsequently

In order to increase its per capita national income, it needs a qualified workforce and young population to ensure this transformation. This is only

It will be possible as a result of planned and long-term investments to be made in the field of education, aimed at increasing quality as well as quantity.

 The picture we encounter in Turkey of the 21st century; showed that the share of private education did not progress proportionally when compared to population growth.

Educational institutions in Turkey: It consists of Preschool Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education and Vocational and Non-formal Education Institutions.