Electrical & Electronic Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Accumulator, Battery, And Generators 461
Air Conditioning 34
Alternative Energies 42
Antenna Arrays For Satellite Reception, Satellite Aerials 191
Audio Visual Communication Services 61
Auto Electric 6
Automatisierung 139
Building Automation 20
Cables And Wires 542
Computer Accessories 1299
Computer Companies 2522
Computer Hardware 999
Computer Hardware Servicing 188
Electrical Accessories 639
Electrical Connection 2895
Electrical Connection And Electronics 1816
Electrical Household Of Devices 1023
Electronic Devices And Accessories 1795
Elevator And Accessories 13
Energy Product Of Systems 139
Engine Industry 10
Generators 234
Guard And Security Services 1445
Heating, Cooling And Ventilation 72
Household And Kitchen Devices Accessories 115
Household Appliances And Kitchen Utensils 2323
Household Of Kitchen Devices Repair And Maintenance Of Services 347
Illuminant 1038
Industrial Automation 292
Industrial Products 185
Laboratory Devices 5
Light And Audio Systems For Music And Light 323
Measuring Instruments 35
Navigation Systems 6
Office Machines And Accessories 1224
Pest Control Companies 2
Printed Circuit Boards 27
Radio, Television, Film And Video 513
Shareware And Public Domain Software 2770
Solar Energy 7
Technology Market 3
Telephone And Telecommunication System 2131
Telephony Systems For Internet / Intranet 865
Trade İn Cds, Cd-Roms, Dvds, Music Cassettes, Videos 266
Transformer 40
Uninterruptible Power Supply (Ups) Units 99
Weighing, Measurement And Control Devices 84

Electrical & Electronic Industry
Sector Introduction

Electric-electronics sector in Turkey first started as the assembly sector and has developed rapidly since the 90s. The electrical-electronics sector has 6 sub-sectors. These sub-sectors can be listed as: Components, Consumer Devices, Telecommunications, Professional and Industrial Devices, Military Electronic Devices, Computer.

Turkish Electric-electronics sector has started to sell the digital power plants it produces to Central Asian countries.