Food Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Alcoholic Beverages And Alcohol Free 378
Bakery And Dough Machines 25
Beekeeping 67
Biskuit, Chocolate, Sweets Were And Chewing Gum 312
Blows Fruit And Vegetable 663
Cafeteria & Coffee Shop 30
Canned Goods 101
Catering Services 279
Chocolate & Confectionery 48
Cold Storages 5
Commercial Kitchens 557
Confectionery 156
Dairy Products 263
Delicatessen 30
Dietary Products 11
Dried Food 275
Drinking Water 71
Eggs Trade 105
Fast Food & Kumpir & Meatballs 37
Fish And Sea Fruits 182
Flour And Bakery Products 143
Food Additive Of Materials 117
Food And Agricultural Product Export Companies 493
Food İndutrie 4799
Food Marketing 343
Food Qualitaetets Control 23
Foodstuffs 212
Grocery & Market 48
Halvah 13
Healthy Products 17
Industrial Kitchen & Hotel Equipment 33
Margarine And Fat Production Plants 236
Meat And Meat Of Products 206
Natural Food 118
Nuts & Confectionery 58
Paste Were And Flour (Makkaroni, Spagetti) 133
Pastry Shops 27
Pita Restaurants 61
Pizza Restaurant 8
Poultry Farming 151
Restaurant & Diner 220
Spices & Nuts 120
Steel Kitchen Supplies 10
Sugar And Bobons Factory 23
Super Markets 33
Tax Counsel 75
Tea Factory 39
Tea, Coffee 57

Food Industry
Sector Introduction

Food industry

Due to the demand created by the need for nutrition, which is one of the most important needs of our lives, the food industry operates in a very large range in the field of production.

It has undergone very important changes in the last century with the increase in population in our world and the increase in demand with this increasing population. Previously, salting, curing, freezing, drying, pickling and smoking methods were mainly used in food processing techniques. Food factories in this Century and the Future will be smart and cross-connected. These smart factories will provide significant economic advantages for food manufacturers. It seems that the global production market will be one of the most difficult stages in the realization of the revolution in the manufacturing industry.