Furniture & Decoration Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Antique Dealers 19
Antiques And Collection Dealer 38
Bath & Tub 38
Bed And Quilts And Duvets 369
Box Production 1
Canvas, Awnings (Marquees) And Tents 310
Carpet, Kelim 1470
Chimney And Barbeque 67
Computer Companies 2522
Curtains And Systems 10
Decorate And İnterior Desing 3117
Door Window 32
Electrical Household Of Devices 1021
Furniture & Decoration 570
Furniture And Woodworking Machinery 29
Furniture From Steel Production And Wholesale 778
Furniture Production 6971
Furniture Sub Industry & Accessories 117
Garden Furniture 21
Glass And Mirrors 981
Glass Were 181
Glass, Mirrors And Glass And Porcelain Commodity 916
Home Textile 829
Home Textiles 516
Horticulture And Landscape Gardening Services 290
Horticulture And Landscape Gardening Services 265
House Of Furniture 688
Household And Kitchen Devices Accessories 115
Household Appliances And Kitchen Utensils 2323
Household Of Kitchen Devices Repair And Maintenance Of Services 345
Illuminant 1036
Industry And Furniture Wheels 2
Iron And Steel Products 6
Kitchen 66
Kitchenware & Utensils 46
Locksmith 4
Marble And Natural Stones 4
Office Furniture 918
Office Machines And Accessories 1223
Rail Cabinet Systems 14
Shelves Production And Trade 166
Sponge 3
Spring Industry 4
Steel Door 17
Steel Money Boxes 2
Urban Furniture 13
Wall And Floor Coverings 28
Wood, Timber And Forest Products 140

Furniture & Decoration Industry
Sector Introduction

Furniture and Decoration Sector, as the name suggests, are products that will benefit all kinds of furniture and decoration. The Department of Furniture and Decoration in Schools is a department that aims to train individuals who have design, planning and production technologies, who can follow all processes and produce solutions to potential problems.

One of the prominent sectors in the report of the growth of e-commerce in Turkey was the furniture and decoration sector.

This Sector includes Furniture Production Factories, Interior Architecture Offices, Furniture Decoration Stores, Timber Production Facilities, Prefabricated Housing Production Facilities.