Garden & Flower Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Aquarium And Domestic Animals 278
Arboriculture 10
Canvas, Awnings (Marquees) And Tents 311
Decorate And İnterior Desing 3117
Flower Growing And Florists 1003
Garden Furniture 31
Garden Supplies 16
Guard And Security Services 160
Horticulture And Landscape Gardening Services 291
Horticulture And Landscape Gardening Services 266
Illuminant 1038
Irrigation Systems 39
Landscape 121
Pools Accessories And Cleaning Agent 236
Purification Plants And Equipment 431
Swim Basins And Sauna 195
Toys And Play Tools 8

Garden & Flower Industry
Sector Introduction

Garden & Flower Sector,

has an important place in crop production. Ornamental plants are classified under four product groups.

Cut Flowers: They are marketed as fresh, dried, or dyed flowers, buds, twigs and leaves, often used in bouquets, baskets, wreaths and arrangements.

Outdoor Ornamental Plants: These are trees, shrubs, shrubs and herbaceous plants that are generally used in gardening, afforestation of roads and cities, and recreation areas. All plants in nature can be used as outdoor ornamental plants.

 Indoor (Potted) Ornamental Plants: They are plants used to create a green space in interior decoration of residences, offices and halls.

They can be divided into three groups as flowering indoor ornamental plants, indoor ornamental plants with beautiful leaves and cacti. Finally, “Natural Flower Bulbs” are herbaceous plants that reproduce under the ground in nature, with specialized organs such as onions, tubers and rhizomes, and are defined as “geophytes”.