Import & Export Foreign Trade Sector

Subsector Number of Firms
Agricultural Machinery 938
Air Conditioning And Ventilation System 556
Air Conditioning And Ventilation System 2602
Balances, Balance Parts And Accessories 237
Ball Bearing 384
Banks, Finnanz And Factoring 2854
Bed And Quilts And Duvets 369
Biskuit, Chocolate, Sweets Were And Chewing Gum 312
Blows Fruit And Vegetable 663
Business Fair Organizer And Services 356
Canned Goods 101
Car Of Spare Parts 3539
Carpet, Kelim 1470
Cattle Fodder Factory 365
Chemical İndustry And Chemical Materials 1554
Child Material 160
Clock More Macher And Dealers 522
Clothing Accessories 1312
Clothing İndustry 7978
Color, Varnish And Pigment Paints 1278
Computer Accessories 1300
Computer Hardware 995
Consultation And Consulting Of Services 2390
Customs Affairs 45
Customs Warehouse 73
Dried Food 276
E-Commerce 7
Eggs Trade 105
Electrical Connection And Electronics 1810
Electrical Household Of Devices 1021
Electronic Devices And Accessories 1793
Engines Factory 410
Equipment And Accessories For Dental Milling Technology 111
Eyeglasses And Optical İnstruments 655
Flower Growing And Florists 1004
Food Additive Of Materials 117
Food And Agricultural Product Export Companies 493
Food İndutrie 4797
Foodstuffs 212
Furniture From Steel Production And Wholesale 778
Furniture Production 6971
Gift Article And Souvenir Shop 744
Glass Were 181
Guard And Security Services 160
Guard And Security Services 1436
Holdings 547
Home Textile 829
Import - Export 2972
Konfektion Were 673
Laboratory Devices 209
Laboratory Materials 275
Largely Kitchens And Hotel Accessories 557
Leather / Fur 1958
Leather Chemistry İndustry 65
Leather Clothing Production 312
Leather İtems And Accessories 132
Leather Machines 33
Locks And Closed Systems 218
Machines İndustry 6454
Marble And Natural Stones 1233
Measuring İnstruments 34
Meat And Meat Of Products 207
Medical Appliances And Systems 3030
Medicine Companies 647
Mining İndustry And Mines 936
Mode Houses 326
Music İnstruments, Spare Parts And Accessories 171
Paper And Cellulose 1074
Paste Were And Flour (Makkaroni, Spagetti) 133
Plastic Frame For Windows And Doors 1287
Play Equipment And Toys 323
Pools Accessories And Cleaning Agent 235
Poultry Farming 151
Printering Material 218
Radio, Television, Film And Video 512
Rubber And Plastics 856
Sanitary Plumbings Accessories 687
Sea Freight Transport Services 1012
Sea Port Depot 63
Shipping Companies 25
Shoe And Bags Production And Wholesale Businesses 1141
Shoe Companies 328
Sports Facility Construction, Sports Field Construction 348
Surveillance & Control 2
Telephone And Telecommunication System 2131
Textile İndustry 14299
Textile Machines İndustry 990
Textile Mediator Agents 343
To Fatten 61
Trade İn Cds, Cd-Roms, Dvds, Music Cassettes, Videos 266
Translation Offices 3
Translation Services 3
Transport And Storage 2384
Welding Sets And Electrodes 251
Windows And Doors 990

Import & Export Foreign Trade Sector
Sector Introduction

Import & Export or Foreign Trade is concerned with the outflow of goods and capital beyond national borders. In terms of delivery of foreign trade buying and selling transactions, it takes place in two ways as import and export. Export is very important in the development of the country's economy.

Every country has limited resources and it is not possible to have every resource for production. Therefore, it cannot meet all its production needs from within. Needs supply support from other countries. These goods are met by foreign trade. Foreign trade is divided into two: 1. Export - export 2. Import - import.