Leather & Fur Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Konfektion Were 1010
Leather / Fur 1958
Leather Chemistry İndustry 65
Leather Clothing Production 312
Leather Dealer 334
Leather Factory 177
Leather İtems And Accessories 132
Leather Machines 33
Leather Machines Workers 15
Shoe And Bags Of Business 542
Shoe And Bags Production And Wholesale Businesses 1141
Shoe Companies 328
Wood, Timber And Forest Products 22

Leather & Fur Industry
Sector Introduction

Leather & Fur Industry

The furs, hides and skins of animals have been used for clothing since ancient times. While leather is used as a clothing material, it is used in automobiles, furniture industry, watches, wallets and shoe production. As aquatic animals, the furs of tropical climate animals such as otter, beaver, muskrat and seal, fox, wolf, bear, mink, marten, weasel, beaver, leopard, cheetah, wildcat, as well as reptile animals such as crocodile, lizard and chameleon are used. While the fur of all other animals is obtained by hunting, it can also be produced in mink breeding farms.

Sheep, lambs, goats, cattle, cattle, and pigs are the main animals whose skin is used. Countries producing cattle hides; USA, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany and India. The countries that produce the most sheepskin are; Australia, China, Iran, India, New Zealand, Russia, Turkey and the UK. Countries that produce the most goat skin; China, India and Pakistan. World animal hide and skin trade is seen under the control of countries in North America, Western Europe and Oceania.

Skin. It is processed as a raw material for the clothing industry, shoe industry, upholstery and many industries. In this respect, it has great importance even today. The skins obtained from the skins of different animals continue to find buyers in a wide price range.