Mall Shopping Centers

Subsector Number of Firms
Alcoholic Beverages And Alcohol Free 380
Building Materials, General 2050
Business Centers 11
Cafeteria & Coffee Shop 4
Carpet, Kelim 1471
Child Material 161
Clock More Macher And Dealers 525
Computer 14
Confectionery 156
Duty Free 1
E-Commerce 59
Free Zones 1
Furniture & Decoration 17
Gift Article And Souvenir Shop 745
Goldsmith's And Jeweller's 1994
Grocery Store 2
Hairdresser (Coiffeur) 191
Household Appliances And Kitchen Utensils 2323
Hunter And Fischer Accessories 344
Jewellery 115
Konfektion Were 1015
Parfuemerie, Body And Beauty Care 1135
Play Equipment And Toys 323
Residences & Studio Apartments 1
Shoe And Bags Of Business 542
Shoe Companies 330
Shopping Center 713
Supermarkets 70
Tea, Coffee 7
Virtual Stores 17

Mall Shopping Centers
Sector Introduction

Recently, the shopping culture that has developed in the public has changed and the interest in shopping centers has increased from street stores. These centers have become the focal point of the people as they also offer entertainment, cinema, events and diversity to the public.These malls can be a large shopping and entertainment complex. In addition to shops, it is a multi-storey building, including clothing stores, mall kiosks, festfood, Cafes, restaurants, cafe bar, casino, movie theater, bowling alley. As a rule, the complex is equipped with escalators, elevators, parking for personal transportation of buyers. Malls are located near metro stations and public transport stops or in residential areas of the city. Such a shopping and entertainment complex makes a great economic and cultural contribution and can be an example of the intensification of modern mass culture.