Metal & Machinery Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Agricultural Machinery 938
Air Conditioning 42
Air Conditioning And Ventilation System 2603
Air Conditioning Ventilation 24
Aluminium Profile Processing 1039
Aluminum Industry 1176
Automation 133
Bakery And Dough Machines 37
Ball Bearing 384
Bicycle 5
Boilers, Tank, Screw And Nut 313
Cable And Wire 27
Car Of Spare Parts 3539
Casting Industry 137
Cathodic Corrosion Protection 82
Chain 17
Compressors And Pump İndustry 728
Computer Companies 2522
Computer Hardware Servicing 188
Construction Machines Spare Parts For Construction Machines 435
Crane And Hoist 101
Elevator And Elvator Accessories 903
Engines Factory 410
Feather / Spring Production 142
Filter İndustry 158
Form And Moulor 1117
Foundries 739
Furniture And Woodworking Machinery 60
Generators 234
Hand Tools 91
Hardware And Hardware 21
Hardware Stores 109
Heat Treatment 73
Hose 17
Household And Kitchen Devices Accessories 115
Household Of Kitchen Devices Repair And Maintenance Of Services 347
Hydraulics Of Systems And Accessories 546
Industrial Kitchen & Hotel Equipment 123
Industrial Products 513
Industrially Automation 362
Isolate, Construction And Drillings 498
Laboratory Devices 14
Leather Machines 33
Leather Machines Workers 15
Lock And Lock Systems 42
Machinery Buying & Selling 87
Machines İndustry 6450
Marine Engines 11
Metal İndustry 3458
Mining Machinery 19
Natural Gas Service And Equipments 564
Packaging Machinery 9
Pipes, Valves And Fittings 719
Plastic Machinery 30
Plastic Manufacturing And Sales 34
Plastics İndustry 2874
Printing Machines 28
Product İron / Stole 2341
Recycling 26
Sanayi Ve Mobilya Tekerlekleri 13
Scrap Dealers 51
Screws And Nut 494
Seals Production And Trade 148
Shelf Manufacturing And Sales 39
Spare Part 67
Steel Construction 54
Steel Door 26
Steel Goods Manufacturing And Wholesale 7
Steel Kitchen Supplies 39
Steel Money Boxes 20
Steel Rope 11
Textile Machines İndustry 990
Transformer 2
Turning And Leveling 62
V - Belts 8
Valve 125
Weighing, Measurement And Control Devices 41
Welding Sets And Electrodes 251
Work Use Machines 945

Metal & Machinery Industry
Sector Introduction

The Machinery and Metal sector is the locomotive of the industry.

The Machinery Sector has an important share in the manufacturing industry in Turkey as well as in the world.

It is observed that the share of the machinery industry in production has increased all over the world, primarily in advanced industrial countries.

A machine is the whole of the mechanisms consisting of wheels, gears and many parts in order to transform one type of energy into another energy, to do a job or to create an effect by using a certain power.

In the machinery manufacturing industry, there are mainly investment and intermediate goods. After the transition to planned development in Turkey, the production of machinery and equipment, which are intermediate and investment goods, has gained importance.

The machinery sector is divided into 18 sub-sectors.

The most important part of our machinery industry exports consists of machinery used in construction and mining, industrial air conditioners and refrigeration machines, machine tools, pumps and compressors, valves, reactors and boilers, food industry machinery, turbines and turbojets.