Mining Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Aluminum Industry 1159
Coal And Wood Storages 2
Drillings 215
Foundries 739
Marble And Natural Stones 1230
Mining 96
Mining İndustry And Mines 935
Mining Machinery 5
Oil 7
Prospecting 16

Mining Industry
Sector Introduction

Mining Sector is the general name of underground and aboveground works carried out to obtain valuable minerals and geological materials. ... Mining is an essential industry for extracting substances that cannot be grown or created in a laboratory, factory or through artificial agricultural processes.

Among the rich mineral resources in Turkey; boron salts, barite, gypsum, meerschaum, marble, diatomite, perlite, magnesite, strontium salts, sepiolite, fluorite, limestone, pumice, sodium sulfate, zeolite, Profilite, quartz-quartzite, lignite, feldspar, rock salt, olivine, doomite, silica, gold, bentonite, trona, asbestos, calcite and emery stone are among the important mineral resources; kaolin, carbon dioxide, chromium, molybdenum, bauxite, nepheline syenite, mercury, REE, diatomite, Trass, antimony, thorium, alunite, sand-gravel, silver, peat, brick soil, tungsten are the most important ones. Among the insufficient mineral resources in Turkey, copper, manganese, graphite, paint soils, lead, aluminum, coal, zircon, zinc, arsenic, talc, titan, iron, sulfur, mica, nickel, phosphate, clay minerals can be counted.