Money & Finance Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Accounting 44
Banks, Finnanz And Factoring 2858
Barter 12
Consultation And Consulting Of Services 2403
Cryptocurrency 2
Exchange Offices 38
Exchanges 8
Finance Companies 950
Financial Advisors 27
Franchising Companies 54
Insurance Companies 1968
Invoice Collection Centers 2

Money & Finance Industry
Sector Introduction

Money & Finance Sector

The financial sector includes everything from banking to the insurance sector and forms an important part of a nation's economy. Financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, investment firms are parts of the financial industry. Finance; It is all the work related to the provision and use of the funds needed under appropriate conditions.

Consumers are interacting with this industry every time they apply for credit cards, pay their salaries to the bank, or take a home loan. This interaction takes place to a much greater extent between institutions and firms.