Music & Art Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Art Galleries 24
Light And Audio Systems For Music And Light 323
Meeting Organization 19
Museums 3
Music & Art 49
Music İnstruments, Spare Parts And Accessories 171
Orchestras & Bands 4
Painting & Sculpture Workshops 22
Photo, Film Machines And Accessories 805
Photography Studios 4
Picture & Painting Galleries 18
Production Film Production 6
Radio, Television, Film And Video 513
Shows And Musical Events 341
Trade İn Cds, Cd-Roms, Dvds, Music Cassettes, Videos 266

Music & Art Industry
Sector Introduction

Music & Art Industry

Art is the adjective given to all of the methods used in expressing an emotion, design, beauty and the like, or to the superior creativity that emerges as a result of this expression.

The branches of art cannot be considered independently of each other in the social structure. Of these

Music is the art of expressing certain feelings and thoughts with harmonious sounds within certain rules.

In the formation of musical identity, the concept of the artist takes priority. Musicians can see themselves as artists. Because music is a sound art. Today there are more than 300 types of music.

The most specific types of music are: instrumental music, classical music, blues, electronic music, folk music, jazz (Jazz), pop, rock and religious music.