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Avrasya Assist ( (hereinafter "" (hereinafter referred to as "their") visitors and registered members is committed to respecting its privacy.

This privacy statement is made when you connect to our site or become a member. Your personal information is provided by us when you register. documentation on how to use it. Membership only specified in your application and in accordance with this privacy statement. use these procedures to show you how to use We deem it necessary to explain.

When you visit any page of the site the first information we get is that our servers automatically receive, is the IP address and domain name of your connection. This, of course, is the visitor's It is not a transaction that reveals personal information and is only the number of unique users connecting to our site every day, how many pages It aims to compile statistical information as it is visited.

When you want to become a member of our site, together with your e-mail address We want some general information from you. In this process, the e-mail Your address will not be shared with third parties without your permission.

Apart from this, we organized to improve the services we provide. In reader surveys, your name, e-mail address, age We may receive some personal information, such as your group. These surveys participation will be completely voluntary, as well as personal We undertake that we will not share the information with third parties.

By using the e-mail addresses we obtained during these processes, innovations on our site, announcements about new articles, We may send you an e-mail to communicate our events.

Privacy of our visitors and registered users protected within the framework of international laws and rules.

Exchange of all or part of the assets of the information we have, in case of the above-mentioned rules. We protect our right to transfer to be used within the framework of we specify.

By visiting this Web site and from various services on our site using your information as stated above. You consent to its collection and use. System Management