Textile & Fashion Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Baby & Kids 67
Barcode 2
Brewing Equipment And Ornamenten Brodent 568
Canvas, Awnings (Marquees) And Tents 311
Carpet Rug 46
Chemicals For Textile İndustry 57
Clothing Accessories 1311
Clothing İndustry 7981
Conseil & Agence Textile 22
Cotton Factory 159
Curtains And Systems 105
Dry Cleaner 20
Evening Dresses 78
Fabric Wholesale & Retail 104
Flag Manufacturing 38
Furnishings 45
Haberdashery 20
Headgear 2
Home Textile 832
Home Textiles 517
Konfektion Were 1015
Konfektion Were 676
Label 19
Labels 137
Laundries & Laundry Services 7
Laundry - Underwear 131
Machines For Printing On Textiles And Textile Dyes 345
Mannequin Agencies 55
Mode Houses 326
Rubbing Down Cloth And Bathrobe 234
Shelf Manufacturing And Sales 1
Shirt Manufacturing 21
Shoe And Bags Production And Wholesale Businesses 1143
Shop Window Pupates 48
Shopping Center 714
Socks And Sock Manufacturers And Dealers 511
Sportswear 70
Tailors 19
Technical Textiles 48
Textile İndustry 14301
Textile Machines İndustry 990
Textile Mediator Agents 343
Textile Mediator Agents - Buttons 110
Textile Mediator Agents - Shop Window Figures 75
Textile Mediator Agents - Shop Window Figures 32
Textile Mediator Agents - Shoulder Pad 28
Textile Mediator Agents - Zipper 85
Textos 13
Thread 85
Tricot Fabrics 282
Umbrella 15
Work Clothes 94
Work Safety Equipments And Work Clothes 34
Woven Tissue 1246

Textile & Fashion Industry
Sector Introduction

Textile & Fashion Sector

Textile and ready-to-wear The fashion sector consists of processes covering the processes that will transform fiber and yarn into articles of use. According to this definition; The sector covers fiber preparation, yarn, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing, cutting and sewing production processes.

Textile has a large application area; It is the general name of the production sector, which includes everything that can be worn, decoration materials and all kinds of accessories. Animal, vegetable, synthetic or mineral origin fibers are the main use materials. It is one of Turkey's most important and most employable sectors.

The fashion industry is one of the most developed industries in the world. With a clearer explanation; It is a concept that includes consumers, producers, designers, animals, plants, world population and future generations who use fashion.

Ready-to-wear Fashion, on the other hand, meets people's daily clothing and accessory needs, and can be divided into many sub-branches such as underwear, outerwear, summer and winter.