Transportation & Transport Industry

Subsector Number of Firms
Airline Companies 297
Airports And Airports 14
Ambulance Of Services 63
Auto Rescue & Tow Truck 12
Bicycles And Motorcycles 378
Bus Stations 6
Canvas, Awnings (Marquees) And Tents 311
Cargo And Courier Of Services 589
Coach Companies 980
Crane And Hoist 13
Customs Affairs 47
Customs Warehouse 73
Furniture Transport From Home To Home 371
Liquid Fuels And Racking Plants 1622
Mail Sorting And Distribution Systems 75
Marine Shipping Companies 608
Navigation Systems 1
Packing 1437
Personnel Transport 231
Petrol Stations 2
Port Operations 18
Railways & Stations 9
Sea Freight Transport Services 1015
Sea Port Depot 63
Ship Equipment 447
Shipping Companies 25
Shipyards 5
Taxi 26
Transport (General) 653
Transport And Storage 2392

Transportation & Transport Industry
Sector Introduction

Transport & Transport Sector

The transportation sector is located in the service sector. The basis of the transport sector is the displacement of people, goods, services or elements. The transport sector is a sector that enables people, goods or services to be transported from one place to another.

The physical flow consisting of transportation, storage, packaging and handling, and the service flow consisting of customs clearance, insurance, surveillance, stock management and order management is Logistics.

86.7 percent of Turkey's import and export volume is by sea, 11.4 percent by road, 1.2 percent by rail, 0.9 percent by other means (post delivery, pipelines, inland waterways transportation and self-propelled vehicles) and 0.1 percent The other two are transported by air.